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Our story begins many years ago, in a space that was very far from being a factory - but that's how we started - manufacturing and selling classic shoes for the Italian market which, at the time was thriving and offered excellent work perspectives.

During the years the company went through structural changes, until it settled with Giorgio Cugnigni, Lino Donnari, and Marcello Fratini who have been leading the company for a long time.

THE NETHERLANDS - The promise landItaly acted as a springboard, but thanks to overseas markets, our brand Giorgio 1958 has achieved success and acquired more and more prestige.It was a step-by-step process that took place so seamlessly that it allowed our company to become familiar and comfortable with the Dutch market and vice versa for Dutch people towards our Brand.To this day, the Giorgio 1958 brand acquired such a celebrity to place itself next to the most important local brands thanks to the quality, originality and comfort of its shoes.

GIORGIO 1958 A BRAND A GUARANTEE.The success of Giorgio 1958 comes from several key factors: a 100% made in Italy craftsmanship: the quality of leathers; the meticulous attention paid to all stages of the manufacturing process; the ability of understanding people's tastes and, without any doubt, the excellent price/quality ratio.