Brenda Zaro

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BRENDA ZARO, is a leading company in the manufacture of lady's footwear.

Its more than 30 years of trajectory have turned BRENDA ZARO into one of the companies most recognized in the world of footwear.

With a functional and elegant style and its wide range of footwear, BRENDA ZARO obtains a product proper and differentiated for the diverse needs of the woman, from the comfortable footwear for day after day wearing, up to even the most exclusive footwear for the big occasions.

BRENDA ZARO, has an international presence based on its sales agents' network and the participation at international fairs. Basing its principal market centres on the Economic European Community countries, with a proved solid development for the last years.


The feminine designs of the Spanish label Brenda Zaro present enormous variety.

For instance, there is an entire line of transparent insoles.

These caress the foot giving it both firm and stable support and conveying the idea of lightness as the shoes apparently only seem to be held together by thin, delicate straps.

This functional yet elegant style is also reflected in the high heeled options.

The range is complemented by wedges, sandals and comfy flats which all have one thing in common:"They were designed to meet the special needs of women"